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Aug 5, 2021

Pietro Lascari and the team at Advanced Laboratory for Economics and Finance (ALEF) use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to deploy, run and deliver their software as a service (SaaS) platform to Banks, Insurance Companies, and Government Institutions. Oracle high-performance computing (HPC) gives Alef the compute resources for the most robust on-premises solutions with the elasticity and consumption-based pricing of the cloud. When Alef benchmarked its HPC workloads on competing cloud infrastructure providers, they found that their workloads run 30% faster on OCI. Alef also migrated to OCI its customers’ large Oracle databases. The use of OCI Database Cloud service (including Exadata Cloud service) brought an increase in database performance up to 70%. Moreover, migrating to OCI opened up new opportunities for Alef, particularly in processing and analytics on large data sets. Planning and operating the migration to OCI of large and complex infrastructures required only few weeks and consistently allowed them to improve service reliability, fault tolerance, and to make the disaster recovery strategy more robust. Pietro Lascari sat down with Jigar Modi to discuss their deployment.